December 28, 2020

New Photo and Video Feed

 You'll now notice that I added a Feed tab to the top of the page.

When I started the blog, I would wait until I completely finished a project, then do one gigantic writeup at the end.  This habit was left over from when I used Instructables to document things.  As my projects got more complicated, that blogging style stopped working.   So I started the In-Progress section for shorter technical updates. When I (on occasion) finish something, I now throw a summary on the main page, and links to the relevant posts from the in-progress section.  I think this has been working fine, but I still tend to hold onto stuff until I've made enough progress for a proper technical blog post.  

Despite the relative infrequency at which I write detailed posts, I think most weeks I do something side-project related that someone on the internet would find interesting.  To avoid cluttering the proper blog, I made a new Feed section where I plan on just throwing up images or videos with one or two sentence descriptions.  "Hey, that sounds like Instagram", you might say, and you'd be right.  But I've avoided Facebook and Instagram this long, so I don't intend to stop now.  Maybe I'll get bored of this and it will fall by the wayside, but for now, enjoy.


  1. I really like the format; very much my workflow: document all the things, but only rarely get around to doing an actual writeup. Is this a plugin, or a Blogger-native feature?

    1. Much jankier :P
      I just made another blog and skinned it the same

  2. Your reporting is delightful and inspiring, please never stop.