March 22, 2016

New Boards!

I finally put the finishing touches on the 2nd revision of motor control boards, and sent them out to get made.  Here's the layout I sent to 3pcb:

I waited a couple days after receiving the boards for the new MITERS rework station to show up.  It has a heater below the board that preheats everything, and a hot air gun on an arm.  Assembly, especially of the TSOP-package parts, was far more pleasant than first time around and turned out way better:

Here's the first one assembled:

There are supposed to be little 1mm pitch JST connectors on the bottom for programming, sensors, and communication, but my cables haven't showed up yet.  So for now I'm just programming through soldered in wires.

Controller next to a motor.  I strongly considered making the controller the same footprint as the motor, so it could be directly bolted on the back of the motor, but ended up not.  Maybe I'll do that for version 3.

Next to the Nucleo and shield it replaces.

I haven't actually driven a motor with it yet (waiting for JST cables to show up), but I've programmed it and confirms it PWM's, bridge doesn't shoot through, etc, so things are looking hopeful.