May 29, 2017

Motor Dyno Efficiency Mapping

I finished up the code for automatically generating and post-processing efficiency maps on the motor dyno.  You give it a maximum speed, a maximum command vs speed, and number of points to sample in speed and command, and it auto-generates a time-stamped .csv file my dyno software can read.  Then the dyno plays back the time series, and logs the data.  To extract the points of interest, the log has a flag in it, which is set to 1 after each operating  point has settled, and 0 the rest of the time.  The post-processing script just finds all the intervals where the flag is 1, averages all the samples collected over that period, and combines them into one point.  So each point on the efficiency map is from several seconds of data.

Here's a video clip showing part of the process.  The motor being tested is a cheap knock-off of a Tiger Motor U8, at 22 volts, and 22 peak phase amps.

Here's the scatter plot of data points tested during the efficiency map:

And here's the data interpolated into a surface, in the classic efficiency map style:

I wouldn't read too much into the relatively low numbers (~74% peak efficiency), as this test was only at 22V and high peak current and these motors are good to spin much faster on more volts.

Also, some time soon I'm going to add a motor data page to the site, with whatever data I pull off the dyno on it, so keep your eye on the top bar.  I figure it might eventually be a useful resource, to have a page with lots of electric motor performance curves, efficiency maps, etc. on it.


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  2. Hi,Katz,would you like sharing your experience of how to make a dynamometer?Thanks a lot!

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