May 4, 2016

More Jumping

Last night I reworked all the communication to happen directly over serial, and hooked the leg up to a more capable power supply.  Performance was greatly improved.  Now the leg can max out the travel of the linear guide it's fixed to:

And the obligatory animated GIF:

That jump was actually still with a current limit set on the power supply.  Turning up the supply to max current, the leg can easily crash into the hard-stop at the top of the linear rail.  It actually managed to move the hard stop by a couple millimeters - I dialed back after that, because if the bearing manages to escape the rail, all the little recirculating balls will fall out.

I almost set it up for wireless control over XBee, but decided to take a nap instead.  Wireless communication with a small LiPo battery fixed to the leg, and no cables dangling off would be beautiful.

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