April 5, 2016

Motor Module

Another fairly unsubstantial post (as far as technical details are concerned), but pretty pictures.  I promise there'll be more science in the future.

Here's a motor + gearbox + position sensor + controller module assembled:

Cute feature:  The FETs on the bottom of the board heatsink to the flat spot on the gearbox.

At the other end is a small diametrically magnetized cylindrical magnet, glued to the rotor, and MA700 chip sensing magnet orientation.

Here's it spinning with the gearbox open.  Nice sound of dry-running spur gears:


  1. I'LL TAKE 12, PLEASE! No, really, I wish low impedance high-force modules like this were commercially available, I'd totally use them for research or my own projects. Soo good!

  2. Very cool work. You are doing what I have only been thinking about.


  3. hey, awesome work you're doing there!

    I would have a question regarding the encoder bit. How do you really know where the output shaft is, if you're only measuring the the position of the rotor shaft? I mean, the rotor shafts position measurement with your gearing can mean that the output shaft is in one out of five different positions.

    Keep up the awesome work, thanks!

    1. The leg is turned on in a known configuration (against some hard stops), and it keeps track of how many full rotations have happened.

  4. Hi Ben!
    Why did you need an external Nucleo board for running your motor?