January 26, 2015

Some Long Needed Updates to the Big Scooter

The Big Scooter (version 2) has existed for a year and a half now, and I've finally gotten around to doing some long needed updates to it.  Most importantly, I originally did not build in a chain tensioning mechanism, because the chain length worked out pretty much perfectly.  Chains stretch, though, so the chain started falling off, especially when plowing through snow.  Since it's snow season again, it seemed prudent to fix this problem.

First quick fix, replacing the hand-truck bearings I never bothered upgrading with more legitimate bearings.  The original bearings had deteriorated so much there was about 10 degrees of slop in the back wheel.

Since the new bearings actually have precisely bored I.D.'s, I had to turn down my front axle a little bit to match:

I added an eccentric sprocket on the drive-side swingarm for tensioning the chain:

The sprocket gets clamped in this block, and rotated to apply the desired tension:

It's mounted to the scooter as high as possible, so there is little possibility of it scraping when driving over obstacles:

Finally, I added some grip tape to the deck.  Sadly, clear grip tape isn't particularly clear.  Next time around I'll probably go with plain black:

Now, I just need to whip up some studded tires or tire chains before the blizzard hits tomorrow.

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