July 29, 2013

Bot Blast Recap

So, Bot Blast happened, and it wasn't a complete failure.

Actually it was, but it was a highly entertaining failure.  In the week hours before we left for PA, Jaguar and Dane also managed to whip together some little antweights.  I finished a little early, so I did some weapon testing on Jaguar's in-progress bot.

Here's the trio of last minute bots.  Mine on the left, Dane's stepper motor powered Del-Ran Bumble in the middle, and Jaguar's Speed Bump on the right.

Picture credit to Charles
My first match was against Dust-Pandemonium, a dustpan shaped robot with a blender-like attachment in the middle of the pan.  It became immediately apparent that my robot was just way too slow.  I just could not move fast enough to do much of anything.  My opponent even had some sharp corners and exposed wheels that my recessed spinning drum could have easily bit into, but he outmaneuvered me by a mile.  Fortunately, his weapon was more for show than destruction, so all it did was put some scratches on my steel drum and carbon fiber armor.

My second match was against Fire Arrow,  a simple but very effective wedge robot.  It was much faster than mine, and even more importantly, had a really impressive driver.  Neither bot took any damage, but I was outclassed, and voted the loser by the judges.

The competition was double-elimination, so I was out.  Maybe next time I'll start more than five days before the event.

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  1. Thanks for the driving compliments dude :P

    Shame you lost so early, Glorified Doorstop was pretty cool and I wanted it to do well. Also, you did scratch some of the paint off FireArrow, so you did some damage :3

    -Dylan, FireArrow driver