January 30, 2013

A Preview of Upcoming Projects

First, a flying thing.  Nick let me have his old quadrotor, including motors and ESCs.  It should be pretty straight forward to get running again, with a new battery, flight controller, and transmitter/receiver system.

This oar has apparently been sitting around MITERS for a few years.  The oar is made out of a slightly elliptical tapering carbon fiber tube.  I plan on chopping up the oar and turning it into a bicycle frame.  The joints will probably a combination of CF and fiberglass, depending on what I can find.  One of the goals for this project is to basically not spend any money on it  - if there some bike parts I can't find, I'm not going to worry about conforming bike-part standards, and just make my own components.

I already have most of a back wheel for the bike, and a pretty nice one at that.  It was missing an axle and bearings, but I was able to find replacements in a drawer of parts left over from the MITERS bike shop era.  

After I figure out a good bike geometry, I will build a proper frame jig to line up all the tubes for joining.  Since the oar tubing is too wide to use for the rear triangle (seat stays and chain stays), I will be using other materials.  My current idea is to do something like this for at least the chainstays, as there are a number of very thin carbon fiber tubes around MITERS.

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