May 4, 2015

Cross Slide, Take 2

Man am I behind on documenting the mini lathe.

My original plan for the cross slide was to anodize it like Taig does, to prevent wear and galling on the aluminum-aluminum interface.  I decided instead of dealing with nasty chemicals and temperature control (required for hard anodizing), to just remake the part out of steel.  Steel machines much more slowly, but since I had already machined the part once, it went reasonably quickly.

Fortunately, Nick had a big chunk of steel which was very close to the size I needed:

The block was milled to size and top and bottom surfaces fly cut:

I forgot to take more pictures of it, but it looks pretty much identical to the original aluminum one.

I also attached one of the ballscrews to the carriage:

Bearing holders for the ballscrew were milled on the MITERS CNC mill.  The ballscrew is retained radially by a single ball bearing, and axially by a pair of needle thrust bearings (not shown here):

Prepare yourself for the making the compound slide and machining a rack gear on a bridgeport in upcoming episodes of Tiny Lathe.

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